LONDON, ENGLAND – Aurora Worldwide’s Director sent seven consultants to attend an industry event in Portugal and get some rest and relaxation at the same time.

Aurora Worldwide consultants recently attended an industry event that took them to the coast of Portugal. In addition to networking opportunities, they had plenty of time for rest, relaxation, playing on the beach, and fine dining. Top-performing representatives Jack, Ross, Roya, Glaucia, Armando, Imran, and Jo all attended the event and had a great time enjoying the amenities of the resort and building relationships with others in the industry.

“These seven consultants were selected to attend the event due to their hard work and diligence. They’ve been applying the business management and development skills they’ve acquired through Aurora Worldwide and have really been able to grow,” said Director of Operations Imran. “This trip was an all-expenses-paid treat to reward them for their diligence and success.”

“This trip was not only great for relaxing and networking, having a chance to get away from daily activities gives everyone a creativity and energy boost,” continued Imran. “This is great for the consultants because they all want to perform well enough to go on the next fun trip!”

Getaway Opportunities Abound at Aurora Worldwide

Travel is one of the big drivers for many people, and the consultants who are top performers have access to many opportunities to do so. In addition to regular trips to fun locations for relaxation, they travel to industry conferences to represent Aurora Worldwide, networking events, and training sessions. Getting out of their day-to-day patterns gives consultants a chance to absorb new information in a novel setting, which sparks creativity.

Travel is also a great time for strategic thinking and planning. “When you’re away from the daily demands, you can think long term about goals and opportunities you have and make plans both for your personal life as well as for projects you’re working on professionally,” said Imran

“We encourage everyone who attends our rest and relaxation events to spend plenty of time having fun and thinking about big goals,” shared Imran. “Generally, the best ideas seem to come after they’ve spent some time lounging by the pool and had a lot of chance to talk to others in our industry. When our consultants are not thinking about business details and are being exposed to new ideas from new friends, the result is that they return with renewed energy and innovative ideas on moving forward.”

Consultants also attend training workshops to help them gain new skills and learn new industry-leading strategies to better serve the companies they represent. “Even when these workshops are held locally, they’re still a chance to get away for a bit, enjoy a good meal, meet new people, and learn new ways to grow as a professional,” said Imran.

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