If you hope to become successful in any facet of life, you must learn how to make sound decisions. Decision-making happens to be a primary topic of our Aurora Worldwide coaching, and through our learning we’ve discovered that not all dilemmas are equal. As such, different approaches must be taken to make choices in regards to them.

There are two essential dimensions to the problems you face on a daily basis: important and urgent. Some choices will make a major impact on your future, and some must be made on the spot. With that in mind, allow us at Aurora Worldwide to offer this advice:

  • Not Urgent or Important: In situations where the issue is neither important nor urgent, you might consider taking no action at all. Otherwise, you can delegate the matters to others or save them for later times. Just be careful not to let them become critical dilemmas.
  • Urgent, but Unimportant: If it’s not important, don’t waste time thinking too much about it. Refer to any available policies and procedures, or go with your gut instinct.
  • Urgent and Important: First, make sure the issue is actually urgent and not simply being portrayed as such. If it is urgent, determine if you can take action to prolong the decision – because it is an important one, after all. Consider all options and consult an expert if possible.
  • Important, but Not Urgent: Take your time analyzing the problem in all its dimensions. Be careful not to let emotion cloud your judgment, and use whatever analytical tools that are at your disposal. This is also a good situation for seeking expert advice.

Use these tips from Aurora Worldwide to assess problems and make the best possible choices.