Our Aurora Worldwide LTD leaders believe traveling to industry events is one of the best ways to highlight our achievements. Everyone from our office recently attended a working seminar that offered great potential for learning and recognition. The event was held on August 13 right here in London, and it was a memorable day for all.

During the seminar, Aurora Worldwide LTD’s people got to hear advice from oganisational leaders. They were also educated about industry trends. Constant improvement is a big part of our company culture, and our people always look forward to learning more about the business and where it’s headed in the future.

The seminar also featured Rising Star awards. Our leaders were proud to honor Eva from the residential side and Shivani for B2B campaigns as the award winners. Imran, our company’s Founder and Director, stated, “These two have shown great promise and have been working hard toward big goals. They continue to apply the knowledge they gain, and I am excited to see what they accomplish in the future. I have no doubt that they will continue racking up big wins for the brands we promote.”

Aurora Worldwide LTD’s leaders take time to recognize our accomplishments, and they also go to great lengths to help them gain helpful new insights. This seminar is just the latest example of how company leaders enable their executives’ ongoing growth.