Travel is a big part of the Aurora Worldwide LTD developmental approach, and we send our team members to all kinds of professional events. We have a very exciting trip coming up, and our skilled associates are eager to learn who will be selected to attend.

Later in June, four members of the Aurora Worldwide LTD team will be chosen for an all-expense-paid trip to Malaga, Spain. Imran will be selecting attendees based on work ethic, potential, and consistency, and we know this trip will result in lasting memories.

This excursion will be a combination of work and play, with some time given to networking with other markets within the organization and beyond. There will also be plenty of free time for our high achievers to enjoy themselves in the exotic location.

Imran and the rest of the Aurora Worldwide LTD leadership team know how good travel is for ambitious professionals. We believe in giving our people ample opportunities to experience new places and expand their horizons in the process. Along with the networking potential offered by business travel, those who take trips like this one get to learn new techniques from the world’s top leaders.

Our team at Aurora Worldwide LTD can’t wait to learn who has been chosen to accompany Imran on the trip to Spain. It will be an experience to treasure, and there will be real professional benefits as well.