Whether you want to build your contact list or win over a new customer, the ability to make strong first impressions will serve you well in your career. We train Aurora Worldwide LTD associates to present themselves with confidence and likability, and we would like to share a few tips to help you do the same.

First of all, you need to look the part of a valuable contact. That means dressing appropriately for the occasion, but it goes beyond sartorial choices as well. Make sure the small details are looked after, from your fingernails to whatever makeup you decide to wear. If everything is in place just as you like it, you will feel more confident and project a more self-assured aura.

We at Aurora Worldwide LTD also suggest letting the other person do the majority of the talking during an initial encounter. People like to talk about themselves, their careers, and the current challenges they face, so give them plenty of room to do so. Ask insightful follow-up questions and nod along to show that you are interested in what your conversation partner is saying. This is perhaps the best way to ensure that you are remembered in a positive light.

It’s also critical to craft and rehearse your elevator pitch if you expect to make consistently positive impressions on others. When you can succinctly express what makes you a valuable person to know or work with, you greatly increase your chances of forging a meaningful bond.

Our Aurora Worldwide LTD team members use these tactics to expand their networks and win new customers. We are sure they will be effective for you as well.