We are familiar with the nervousness that accompanies a presentation. Although the feeling is normal, it must be managed carefully so it doesn’t interfere with the speech at hand. Those who work through the Aurora WorldWide learning programme cover this topic extensively, focussing primarily on three areas. 

Preparation is the first step to confident public speaking. We begin our planning with a single statement that encapsulates the message of each presentation. From these defining statements, we develop a few lessons we want our audiences to take away from the speeches. We also learn as much as we can about our audiences. Finding out who they are and what they need helps us tailour our messages accordingly. 

After we’ve fleshed out the basics of our presentations, we practise. Fortunately, there are always other Aurora WorldWide business consultants on hand eager to listen to our speeches and offer feedback. This way, we improve tone and inflection, body language, and more. 

The final aspect of boosting public speaking confidence occurs on the days of our presentations. We arrive early to our venues, making sure the lighting, temperature, and technology are satisfactory. When our guests begin to filter in, we warmly introduce ourselves and enjoy some small talk. By the time we begin speaking in front of the groups, the conversations have begun and momentum is strong. 

Take these steps as your next public speaking engagement nears. For more helpful information, follow Aurora WorldWide on Twitter.