As we expand our Aurora Worldwide networks, we strive to forge mutually beneficial relationships. Here are a few of the simple but effective strategies we’re applying to do just that and accelerate our professional journeys in the process. 

Giving as much as we hope to get is one solid approach we’re using to build our networks. We do our best to offer unique value to a new contact before asking him or her for any type of favour. Even if all we can offer is a listening ear, we listen intently as the other person talks about his or her professional pursuits. 

After we add someone to our list of contacts, we start asking ourselves how we can add more value. We’re also not afraid to come right out and ask a contact what we can do, because we want to make it clear that our relationship goes both ways. Any time we pick someone’s brain for new knowledge, we try to offer a valuable insight or connection of our own to balance things out. 

We’ve also learned that small gestures are what tend to keep professional relationships strong. When we know one of our Aurora Worldwide allies is celebrating a work milestone or some other important day, we send personalised notes to congratulate them. Sometimes we just send a note for no reason other than to make sure the person knows we’re thinking about them. 

These strategies help us maintain strong business relationships. Follow Aurora Worldwide on Twitter to discuss effective networking techniques with us.