The abilities to capture and maintain audience interest are requirements of successful public speaking. When listening to presentations, people are often tempted by the pull of smartphones and distracted by idle thoughts. When speaking in public, the contractors in the Aurora Worldwide network use the following best practises to maintain audience engagement.

Preparation is the first phase of the journey to success. Instead of memorising their material, top speakers thoroughly familiarise themselves with the content. They do so by rehearsing in front of mirrors and before their peers. This helps them share their expertise in a relaxed manner that makes listeners comfortable and earns trust.

Time also plays a role in Aurora Worldwide presentations. Many contractors within our network consider how many minutes they have allotted to share their messages, and adapt as needed. If they have 10 minutes to speak, for instance, the goal is to share the same amount of value they would in 45 minutes. It’s simply a matter of focussing on the most important details for the audience at hand.

Body language is another vital aspect of listener engagement. The contractors in our community use eye contact and open posture to connect with their audiences. They also smile when appropriate and use hand gestures to emphasise key points.

These strategies keep people engaged. Keep them in mind for your next presentation. For more public speaking insights, like Aurora Worldwide on Facebook.