Did you know that not only do the recipients of your firm’s generosity benefit greatly but that it’s also
a fulfilling experience for you, too? At Aurora Worldwide, we’re quite fond of giving back to our community. Here are some of the satisfying ways in which we help others:
 Sponsor a Team or an Event: Is there a junior cricket or football team in your area that would benefit from a sponsor? How about a local gala for a homeless shelter? If you’re
inclined to provide support for which your name is recognised, our Aurora Worldwide experts propose this is the way to do it. You’re being both philanthropic and advertising your firm’s
generous spirit.

 Give Associates a Stipend to Give Back: One of the difficulties many firms encounter with giving back is that not all causes are meaningful to individual team members. Our AuroraWorldwide professionals suggest that you can give your associates a portion of your giving fund to contribute to the charities that matter to them. Have some guidelines in place about
how to contribute. 

 Teach the Community: Sharing your talent and helping others learn is a fruitful way to get your firm’s name out there while you make a difference. For example, if you were an IT firm you could teach senior citizens or low-income families how to use technology.
Visit http://auroraworldwide.co.uk to learn more about giving back to the community.