The holiday season and closing of the year are spirited times at Aurora Worldwide. Recently, the community’s business consultants attended an exciting industry-wide Christmas gala. We had a great time at this special occasion.

Imran Younus, Aurora Worldwide’s Owner, described the festivities we enjoyed. “The event was held at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham,” he said. “This was a unique venue for a holiday celebration. The elegant conference room was located in a setting that featured British-made motorcycles. It had an interesting vibe.”

As Imran noted, the Aurora Worldwide community had a chance to network with other independent consultants. They also met key industry leaders, some for the first time. “The Vice President delivered a motivational speech. This toast inspired these aspiring businesspeople to continue on their professional journeys,” he said.

There was plenty of recognition to go around, too. People received awards such as Emerging Talent and Rising Star. The event set the tone for individuals to continue acquiring the business skills and aptitudes they need to thrive in outreach work.

Of course, we had a great time as well simply celebrating the season. This was a black-tie event, with everyone in fancy attire. The evening included a lovely dinner. We all enjoyed the dance party. The energetic DJ spun favourites from holiday classics to the current pop tunes. We were all on our feet that night.

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