It’s official! Select individuals who work within the network of which Aurora Worldwide is part will be heading to the Cyprus Greek Islands next month for a rest and relaxation retreat. This all-inclusive trip is one that people really look forward to attending. These people will be staying at the Alexis Hotel and Resort, renowned for its turquoise waters and beautiful surroundings. Imran Younus, the firm’s Owner, explains the benefits of travel for entrepreneurs:

• Incentive: “Entrepreneurs work hard, so it’s good to have something specific to work towards,” Imran explained. “Those business contractors who take advantage of the exclusive opportunity to attend this trip are among the top 10 percent of those who work within the community that Aurora Worldwide is part of, which makes it a worthwhile endeavour to qualify.”

• Bonding Experience: “This is a community built on mutual support,” Imran stated. “Therefore, we value the chance to forge stronger bonds while sharing a unique adventure together. People tend to become better acquainted while relaxing in a stunning locale.”

• Professional Growth: “Since there will be top people from across Europe at this retreat, those who attend will connect with others who have similar ambitions,” Imran said. “Networking is one of the pluses to be enjoyed while taking in the gorgeous sights and feasting on Greek cuisine together.”

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