Of the many methods Aurora Worldwide LTD leaders use to bring their executives closer together, the annual convention may be the most effective. This year’s event happened on the 10th of September in Liverpool, and our people really enjoyed the following:

• Awards: The convention recognised people for their hard work and commitment throughout the year. Awards for brand ambassador excellence and leadership excellence highlight the day. Representatives were also honored for their progression within the industry.

• Prizes: There were certainly plenty of prizes to be won at the convention. Past winners have taken home everything from iPads to top-end TVs with 50-inch screens. Cash prizes are also part of the event, and our people will be competing to win those as well.

• Socializing: In addition to these features, Aurora Worldwide LTD executives also got to interact with each other in a relaxed atmosphere. This is something that doesn’t happen often enough in our industry, and it leads to stronger teamwork back at the office. Our people got the chance to learn more about each other on a personal level and reflect on the biggest challenges they face in their work lives.

Everyone at Aurora Worldwide LTD was excited to be coming back from the convention, and have no doubt that it will forever be a memorable day. We look forward to providing updates on the event and announcing who wins awards and prizes.