Many people assume that IQ is a major aspect of success. Although it is important for professional progress, we’ve learned that emotional intelligence (EQ) is notably more relevant. Plenty of studies verify the value of EQ – the ability to recognise and manage one’s emotions and navigate those of others. Consultants who take advantage of our Aurora WorldWide coaching system soon learn that being genuine is a core component of high EQ. 

We perceive genuine people to be clear on their beliefs, and to know precisely what they want to achieve in life. They are committed to their principles, and set goals that reflect their own ambitions – not the demands of others. Even as they pursue their own growth, however, genuine people are mindful of others’ needs. They remain judgment-free, generous, and respectful – which all happen to be the defining qualities of Aurora WorldWide.

Research from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington sheds light on an important point. It highlighted the role of intention as it relates to EQ. People aren’t simply compelled to interact with those who behave as if they are emotionally intelligent. They want to engage with people who are truly emotionally intelligent. There is a significant difference here – and it boils down to being genuine.

Be open with your EQ, and others will recognise your sincerity. Like Aurora WorldWide on Facebook for more details on this subject.