LONDON, ENGLAND – Aurora Worldwide recently saw several independent consultants take part in an exciting travel experience as they visited Rome, Italy. The group enjoyed sights and adventures as well as significant networking opportunities.

Imran Younus, Aurora Worldwide’s Owner, stated, “The Italy trip was successful all around. The business consultants who joined us were delighted with the opportunity to meet other industry executives as well as enjoy this magnificent city and country.”

As Younus explained, the purpose of this business trip was for top consultants to mingle and share their experiences. “Everyone who travelled to Rome for this trip is gaining knowledge in how to create outreach campaigns for clients,” he said. “During their meetings, these individuals took advantage of the education environment within the Aurora Worldwide community. They discussed best practises and expanded their networks within this rapidly growing industry. It was an honour to participate in this meeting of the minds.”

Of course, the entire trip wasn’t centred on business. “We had a delightful time travelling to different areas and experiencing all that Rome has to offer,” said Younus. “Rome’s ancient history is well worth the visit. We also partook in the many other amenities available to make our stay so memorable.”

Aurora Worldwide’s Owner Extols the Virtues of Business Travel for Consultants

According to Younus, the Aurora Worldwide community of business consultants thrives because of the many opportunities available to help them on their professional journeys. “These trips provide people with a chance to learn and grow,” he explained. “Success in business is about building solid relationships with others. When there is a chance to travel, I highly encourage anyone to go.”

“Another benefit of trips is it opens up the possibilities to connect with potential partners” Younus said. “You never know who you might meet when travelling abroad in particular. Many business ventures have come about following casual conversations on planes or trains, in hotel lobbies or bars, or during activities such as excursions or rounds of golf.”

Younus shared that especially with business models that include specialised outreach campaigns, connections are important for individuals who aspire to run their own companies in the future. “A supportive community is an essential stepping stone to learn from others who share ambition and drive for success,” he said. “Networking opportunities such as travel allow independent contractors to develop their own core networks.”

“I know I am looking forward to the next trip,” said Younus. “It’s always a pleasure.”

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