LONDON, ENGLAND – Aurora Worldwide business consultants recently attended a coaching event that featured accomplished people from all over the world. The firm’s Director of Operations discussed the event and the importance of setting clear goals. 

“Maintaining a growth environment is one of our top priorities,” stated Imran Y., the Director of Operations for Aurora Worldwide. “We want to make sure our business consultants have every opportunity to reach their full potential.” With this in mind, everyone from the organisation attended a large-scale coaching event called the Master Class. “Our people came back home with an array of fresh insights into the true nature of success. They’ll be able to produce more effective outreach campaigns as a result.” 

The main goal of the Master Class was to coach business-related skills and best practises in the industry. Top-tier leaders provided guidance based on their unique experiences in a competitive business landscape. Imran added, “This was the type of education you can’t get just anywhere. Our business consultants were truly enriched by getting up close and personal with such highly accomplished individuals.” 

Learning from successful people who are passionate about what they do is always inspiring. The Director explained, “The Master Class allowed our consultants to meet like-minded professionals. It was an excellent opportunity to stay current in best industry practises while making connections with influencers at the same time.” 

Aurora Worldwide’s Director of Operations Details Emphasis on Goal Setting 

Attending the Master Class will amplify the Aurora Worldwide commitment to setting aggressive goals for growth. Imran added, “We’ve created a culture that focuses on professional advancement. Our consultants set high benchmarks for their own development and for the results they achieve through outreach campaigns. In short, they understand that maintaining the status quo, even in the best of times, isn’t enough to stay ahead in such a competitive industry.” 

The Master Class was the ideal opportunity for Aurora Worldwide business consultants to further their growth. Imran commented, “It’s one thing to be inspired by people who have reached the highest levels of our industry, but it’s quite another to have those high achievers become actual mentors. Our consultants are now better equipped to lead by example because of their collaboration with these people.” 

As a result of the Master Class, Aurora Worldwide’s business consultants have clear-cut visions of what it takes to reach their career aspirations, along with more of the tools they need to do so. 

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