LONDON, ENGLAND – Qualifying team members at Aurora Worldwide LTD recently enjoyed a weekend retreat to Malaga. The firm’s Director and Founder, Imran, discussed the need for a larger office and working with new brands.

“Here at Aurora Worldwide LTD, we believe in rewarding our high achievers,” declared Imran. “We do this in several ways, but the annual rest and relaxation trip is definitely a favourite. This year, those who qualified enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to Malaga, Spain, where their achievements were honored at an awards ceremony. On top of that, the retreat is also a leadership meeting for those showing the most promise. They get a chance to network with other successes within the industry, plus get tips and guidance on how to progress through the business development programme.”

Outstanding Performers at Aurora Worldwide LTD Generate Amazing Growth

The high number of attendees at this year’s rest and relaxation retreat has fostered unprecedented expansion at Aurora Worldwide LTD. According to Imran, the company has been testing several new campaigns, and has earned exclusive rights to represent a major brand in the U.K. This honour can be directly attributed to the effort that his team has put into understanding the needs of both the company and its target market.

“Expanding our portfolio with this business is a huge step for us,” affirmed Imran. “The company has some very ambitious goals, wanting promotional events up and running within six to eight weeks. However, I’m confident that we are up to the task.”

Not only will the activity level at Aurora Worldwide LTD be increasing, but so will their office space. Imran shared that the new brand wants to expand into three different markets with full-service sites. Before that happens, though, the team needs a new location simply to handle the increased number of associates that are now working for the firm.

Imran shared these details: “Thanks to our new contract, our team has been growing so rapidly that we’ve had to scout for a larger office building that will fit us all – and we’re happy to say that we think we’ve found one! We liken this new office to a new beginning, since what led us here is the expansion and growth of our team. We are happy to see our new company’s offerings take hold, and are enjoying the opportunity to develop new team members.”

As for the next Aurora Worldwide LTD expansion site, the team is eyeing some space outside London. “Once we really get things shaking here, I’d like to head toward Kent,” Imran concluded.

About Aurora Worldwide LTD

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