LONDON, ENGLAND – Aurora Worldwide’s Director, Imran Younus, recently conducted a year-in-review exercise for 2017. He expressed that he couldn’t be prouder of the firm’s growth and accomplishments.

2017 was a significant year for Aurora Worldwide and Imran Younus. He and the company’s network of contractors set out and achieved a number of ambitious goals. Perhaps most notably, the company added a new division focussed on providing outreach campaign services to a new type of company. This, along with growth in existing markets, set the firm up for a year of success.

“Growing our operation to service new partners was a major accomplishment,” Imran said. “At the end of the day, our most important goals are always related to expanding our business and doing great work on our campaigns. Our growth set us up to reach other goals such as professional development and some exciting travel opportunities.”

The company’s campaign leaders took advantage of learning from a top-tier industry expert. This empowered business consultants within the Aurora Worldwide network to push forward on many of their personal and professional growth goals. Additionally, Imran hosted several other prominent figures in the field in-office.

Of course, 2017 wasn’t all hard work for the organisation. Imran and many of the entrepreneurs enjoyed the fruits of their labour. For example, several of them went to an all-inclusive trip to Portugal. This included networking with many other industry leaders.

“It was such a fun event,” Imran added. “Meeting and socialising with so many impressive people who are also working in our space was great. It was a very educational experience. I also had the honour of receiving the MSF award for my work as Director. It was wonderful getting such recognition.”

Everyone from the office had the chance to attend the Ignite Gala. This was a black-tie award ceremony which included a coaching seminar and a nice dinner with others from the industry.

Aurora Worldwide’s Director Discussed Goal Setting

According to Imran, Aurora Worldwide achieved so much in 2017 and will accomplish even more in 2018 because of excellent goal-setting techniques. For example, he asserted that success starts with having a clear vision for the future. By being specific and enabling oneself to measure progress, one can increase the odds of reaching any goal.

“Balancing challenge is also important,” he continued. “Objectives should be difficult enough that you are living up to your potential. However, they still should be attainable. It is a good sign if the idea of reaching the goal is more exciting than it is daunting. Getting excited about the work will also often lead to success.”

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