We aim to make the most of the hours in each day, so we’ve been applying the following practises to maximise our commutes. In the process, we’ve made our daily treks to and from the Aurora Worldwide office some of our most productive times.

Planning for the day to come is one of the simplest and best ways to get optimal value out of commute time. We go over our to-do lists during our trips to the office, giving ourselves the best chance to get right down to business first thing in the morning. On the way home, we reflect on what we accomplished and get a meaningful head start on a productive tomorrow.

Aurora Worldwide consultants also use commute time to build our knowledge through listening, enlisting the assistance of a wide variety of audiobooks and podcasts. You can often find us exchanging recommendations for illuminating and/or entertaining listening material around the office.

Sometimes we just need to be alone with our thoughts as we journey to and from work. Meditation is a common occurrence during our commutes because it helps us clear out negative thoughts that might cloud our productivity in the day to come. At the end of the workday, zoning out is something we frequently do just to recharge our batteries before we get home.

These strategies are helping us get more done by leveraging commute time.