Aurora Worldwide’s business model is unique. Within our environment, independent contractors find resources available that they can use to reach their own professional objectives. Among the growth opportunities are meetings such as BAM, our Business Advancement Meeting. At this event, campaign leaders met in a small group setting with the company’s CEO.

“The purpose of this meeting was a chance to review goals with everyone. We also discussed the bigger picture of what they can accomplish through Aurora Worldwide,” said Imran Younus, the company’s Owner. “These are key conversations in that they offer insights into the business itself. This is powerful knowledge that these individuals can use to hone their entrepreneurial skills.”

Imran noted that the customer acquisition industry is booming in London. This means there are many paths for the contractors in this network to follow. “At Aurora Worldwide, we set the stage for ambitious people to independently learn the ropes at a pace that fits their own goals,” he said. “It’s exciting to watch them thrive in this community.”

“The most effective network is one in which people are connected to others who are as eager as they are to realise their fullest potential,” Imran said. “With meetings like BAM, we foster the proper environment in which these individuals can support each other.”

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