In the Aurora Worldwide community, contractors are apt to share ideas on how to improve presentations and how to be more impactful in their deliveries. The most effective public speaking practises often stem from the art of storytelling. Here are some tips we can all apply to improve our presentations:

• Be Yourself: Authenticity is paramount when it comes to speaking before an audience. This means we need to be connected to the story we are sharing with others. When we are genuine, we are perceived by others as credible. It’s a good idea to present in a manner that is natural to us as well. To do so, we need to find our unique presentation approach.

• Start With an Attention-Grabbing Sentence: One of the best methods imparted through learning resources available within the Aurora Worldwide network is how to captivate audiences. Attention-grabbing first sentences can engage people. When we activate our audience’s minds, they are more receptive to the information that we are presenting. Shocking facts or unexpected revelations can be effective.

• Connect: The most crucial concern for any public speaker is connecting with audiences. With the Aurora Worldwide outreach model, we might ask questions to gauge their understanding or learn more about their needs. The key is to find something that is meaningful to people that will inspire them to act. Stories tend to be more impactful when they are relatable.

Public speaking is easier when we’ve mastered the art of storytelling. Like us on Facebook for more presentation tips.