Global travel is one of the more exciting benefits we enjoy at Aurora Worldwide LTD. One of our high achievers, Gurvinder (known around the office as Guv), recently had the pleasure of coming back from a trip to New York. He has been working on a new campaign, and was recognized by the Vice President of our sister office in the U.S., Michael. Michael invited Guv to spend some time in New York, passing his knowledge of the new promotion to brand ambassadors in the States.

It’s a pretty long jaunt to NYC and back, but the Aurora Worldwide LTD team was sure Guv got a lot out of the trip. In fact, there were some very specific benefits we believe all business trips provide. For example, journeying anywhere new – but especially to a different country – is a sure way to build self-reliance.

Another bonus to travel comes in the form of increased creativity. A study by Professor Adam Galinsky found that fashion designers who had spent time in at least one foreign country were more likely to produce more exotic and fashion-forward (i.e. creative) clothing lines than those who had never lived abroad.

Perhaps most importantly, leaving home helps you build empathy. As you struggle to adapt to the cultural norms and idiosyncrasies of your destination, you at least learn to appreciate the difficulties that any visitor to your country has experienced.

Aurora Worldwide LTD leaders encourage their team members to travel for all the above reasons and more. Does your company do the same?