Some people seem to know and be admired by everyone. How do they do it? Our Aurora Worldwide experts suggest that it’s often a matter of a few simple techniques that help them stand out. Put these practices into place for more rewarding connections of your own: Five-Minute Favors: When you meet someone, our Aurora Worldwide professionals advise that you should always consider how you can help this person. In particular, look for simple ways to show you support them. Perhaps you can connect them with another person. You might write a recommendation letter or testimonial on their behalf. These seemingly simple
tasks could make you more memorable. 

 Reconnect With a Weak TieThanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with
others. Therefore, our Aurora Worldwide executives offer that you should make time to use social media to reconnect with a long-lost colleague or school mate. You never know when he
or she might be a valuable connection.

 Be Truly Interested: Individuals who feign interest in others tend to be less memorable.Instead, listen carefully to what the other person is saying when you engage in a conversation. Send follow-up emails or correspondences that demonstrate you heard his or her needs and intend to support them. Small items like this can turn a simple hello into a
lasting relationship.
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