Aurora Worldwide has formed a solid reputation for having a supportive environment in which entrepreneurs can grow their businesses. Among the many resources available to these independent contractors is top-notch coaching. Recently, the community gathered at the Belfy Hotel and Resort in Sutton Coldfield to learn from some of the industry’s more prominent experts.

“We want people to succeed in their own business ventures,” explained Imran Younus, Aurora Worldwide’s Owner. “This is a growth-focused learning culture in which everyone supports each other. Coaching is among the many ways these individuals can gain the knowledge they need to progress professionally.”

As Imran stated, several of the contractors who work within the network Aurora Worldwide is part of took advantage of the chance to attend the educational programme at the Belfy. “There were several top-level industry leaders who readily shared their wisdom on what it takes to thrive in consulting and marketing,” he said. “It’s so important for these people to have the right information they need to progress along their own pathways.”

Even more key is the fact that these entrepreneurs were inspired by how these leaders accomplished their goals. “It’s good to know that it does take hard work to move forward,” Imran said. “When people note that others have faced challenges and overcome them to realise success, it motivates them.”

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